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2014-03-05 at 14-54-51 New York

Forgive me readers for I have sinned, it has been a week since my last post. Time to get all of you acquainted on what I have been up to since our Disney trip (as i’m sure you’re over mouse ears). After running our little hearts out at the marathon, we headed to New York for one night so I could attend a couple of meetings and job interviews (having “blogger” as a job title gets polite sympathy head nods in conversation), and OH YA, to get my hair FUCKING FIXED. If you haven’t noticed my write ups have been getting worse and worse all due to my new lightened tresses, thats right y’all…i’m blonde! Unfortunately the first man I hired for the job was destined to become a plumber and not in fact a hair colourist, therefore I came out of the salon looking like this. Do not fear, the next post will showcase the 2.0 version of my locks which came out rather nicely. Until then please enjoy my early 2000’s inspired, streaky moment as a skunk blonde walking around New York City. We ate at The Breslin, a lovely joint with a small urban jungle garden posted at the door (as pictured). There we were, seated in one of those very tight spaces between two other tables, one of which was being eaten on by none other then miss Pamela Love (CFDA runner up and incredible jewellery designer just in case you were wondering). You know those situations when your in what feels like a confined space, and can’t really speak to your buddy because you feel like everyone would be listening/watching…an elevator for instance! Well my fiancĂ© and I spent two whole hours posted next to miss Love too afraid to utter a word to one another, in fear that we may interrupt her incessant…for lack of a better term, bitching. I was going to introduce myself to the woman and tell her how much I love her pieces, but got a little afraid after a while. She on the other hand had no problem whispering oddly loudly to express her hatred of my David Yurman bangles…obviously did not have the same issue with speaking with a lack of personal space. Anyways all this to say that i’m now closely acquainted with Pamela’s business plan, coworkers, finances, husband, and menstrual cycle. Gotta love PLove…she is such an open book.
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Zara necklace, dress, and coat, Chanel broach and booties, David Yurman bracelets (similar), and Saint-Laurent “sac de Jour”.

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