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Gossip Girl Circa ’07

Look 3 - 4


We all watched it. We all loved it. We all became embarrassed that we continued watching it after it turned to shit…but none the less that B and S BS will remain in our hearts and styles forever. Specimen one pictured above and below. The coloured tights, headbands, the demure slips conveniently worn when giving an impromptu, yet class act, striptease, B seemed to have it all, but S got all the style merit by rolling out of bed and putting on whatever was on the floor. Fucking effortless bitches. Moss meets Hepburn, call me crazy but that shit sounds like the perfect storm. So in honour of the city and the dearly departed GG voici my ode to Blair Waldorf meets Serena Van Der WTV.  XOXO Gossip Girl Look 3 - 2 Look 3 - 1 Look 3 - 3 Look 3 - 5 Look 3 - 6 Look 3 - 8 Look 3 - 9 Look 3 - 7 Look 3 - 10

Constance Uniform

Stella McCartney wool cap, Sonia Rykiel bow necklace, Nasty Gal cape coat, skirt and socks, Holt Renfrew leather gloves, Acne Pistol boots,  and Chanel Boy bag

Hungry Child in the City

Look 2 - 7



By the time we finally got into the city the clock was about the strike twelve. After exerting all my energy into Woodbury and trying to find a way onto this godforsaken island that didn’t involve traffic we were pretty pooped and boy were we hungry…Side note the second member of this “we” team that will be mentioned from now until forever is Peter, my fiancé, patient photographer, and Thor look-alike…he’s pretty dreamy. I digress, he’s not so charming when fucking starving, so after sending off the bell boy on the epic quest that was unloading the 50 garment bags and suitcases from our vehicle, we started the hunt. We landed on The Dutch on Sullivan, and safe to say we were satisfied. Here is the recorded footage from our search to end hunger. The pissed as fuck look is genuine and is directly correlated to the lack of food in my belly. Look 2 - 3 Look 2 - 6 Look 2 - 5 Look 2 - 1 Look 2 - 4 Look 2 - 2 Look 2 - 8 Look 2 - 9

Mixed Patterns Work When Not Giving a Fuck

Coco Made Me Do it beanie, Allsaints chain and leather biker pants, vintage plaid shirt, Zara houndstooth jacket, Etsy Chanel IPhone5S case, and Christian Louboutin Rolling Spikes flats


Outlets are for Athletes

Look 1 - 3


The trip from Montreal to New York takes approximately an hour by plane, so why take the road trip option that takes 5 hours more than the air way?…Easy, pit stop at Woodbury Common Premium Outlet. I’m talking Tom Ford, Saint-Laurent, La Perla, the works…all at a fraction of the price. Belinda Carlisle had probably hit up the De La Renta Outlet when she sang that “heaven” is in deed “a place on earth.” Is it overwhelming… yes, awesomely so…absolutely.  You see outlet shopping takes a ton of discipline, endurance, and stamina, I’m mean serious self control. It’s not because that Gucci Canadian flag purse is 50% off that it deserves any more of a spot in your closet. So of course I bought it anyway. Store to store the bags just keep piling on, the motorcycle leather jacket that was a light option suddenly feels like a spa body wrap treatment, and soon enough the beads of sweat come streaming down. It’s time to go hard or get the fuck out. I once stated that “shopping was my cardio”…well outlet shopping is the half-marathon I was training for during those practice rounds. All that to say, it’s not quite a trip to H&M when designer collabs are released, but nonetheless it is SERIOUS.SHIT. Look 1 - 4 Look 1 - 7 Look 1 - 5 Look 1 - 1 Look 1 - 6    Look 1 - 2

A Little Comfort for the Road

Urban Oufitters hat,  Isabel Marant for H&M scarf,  AllSaints leather jacket and dress, Celine  Trapeze bag, and Isabel Marant wedge boots

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