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  • If Fall arriving means I get to wear sweaters this
  • Tommy Girl since 1991
  • Last one from the magical land that is Caprinow back
  • Willkommen to Oktoberfestthe things I do for this kid
  • Rainy days like these make me miss those perfect golden
  • I met my best buddy 10 years ago this yearhe
  • Trying figure out how I can keep wearing pastel florals
  • Do you think when the jet lag wears off Ill
  • Feels so good to be back home with this little
  • After an hour boat ride 3 hour car ride and
  • but my life my love and my lady is the
  • best cosplay ever


_MG_4430 Montreal

Since we have returned from our many travels life has slowly turned from magical everyday adventures to routine cold adventures. Because let’s face it everything is polar vortex as far as i’m concerned lately. Don’t get me wrong I love spending time at home with my love more than anything, but sometimes being in Montreal just feels like killing time until we depart on our next journey. I think it’s mostly the cold that has led to my demise as I’m kinda feeling like a mermaid drowning on fucking shore lately, but once I feel the ocean breeze and my toes start to tingle as the waves finally reach them, all should be well again.  Good thing our trip to Turks is right around the corner, thank the lord. Mama needs a tan! Anyways enough about the fucking weather, it doesn’t deserve this much god damn attention. A few nights ago my love and I headed down to Montreal’s old port to eat at our absolutely favourite spot and took a couple shots of what I was wearing on the way in. I call it Polar Bear Chic…you like? _MG_4463 _MG_4506 _MG_4481 _MG_4492 _MG_4486 _MG_4532 _MG_4498 _MG_4505 _MG_4501   _MG_4427


Prada faux fur coat, J Crew Necklace (similar), Rodarte crew sweatshirt, Nasty Gal skirt, Cartier, Hermes and David Yurman Bracelets, BCBG cocktail ring (similar), and Chanel watch, purse, tights and oxfords


_MG_4403 Montreal

My apologies for my absence since our return to the great north. As you can imagine going from Florida to Canada, I am experiencing a bit of PTSD after my first day back out in Montreal. Let’s just say there’s a bit of a climate difference…50 degrees or so to be exact. I hibernated this past week due to weather conditions and took time to nurse a bit of a…*cough cough* I’ve got the black lung. So naturally on this first day back outside in my homeland crop top seemed like a natural choice. I used to live life without regret, well here is my first. IT IS SO FUCKING COLD! I literally chilled my buns off in my mom jeans and safe to say I will not be making this mistake sir! Get ready for #POTD AKA: parka of the day everyone, because I can no longer do this shit anymore, and need some warmer attire. Thankfully i’ve got a couple good coats in my closet.  None the less it is great to be back home and I hope you truly enjoy this post as it caused me a great deal of pain. _MG_4388 _MG_4377 _MG_4311 _MG_4373 _MG_4385 _MG_4312 _MG_4370 _MG_4400 _MG_4423 _MG_4397The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

Silver Spoon Attire mesh bow beanie, Tom Ford long cashmere jacket, T by Alexander Wang long sleeve cropped sweater (similar), Chanel watch and brooch (similar), Hermes Collier de Chien belt and bracelets, rose gold Nike fuel band (similar), Cartier, and David Yurman complete the arm party, Low Luv cocktail ring (similar), Vintage Levis mom jeans (similar), Christian Louboutin So Kate pumps (similar), and Celine Phantom tote

The Happiest Place On Earth

_MG_4164 Walt Disney World

How funny is it that my happy place also happens to be the world’s happiest place as well…I mean what are the odds! Jeez. After we rang in the new year,  a few questionable choices were made, and some not so great news was received, which led to my fiancé and I both having a bad case of the blues. Thankfully Miami happens to be only a few hours from the cheering up meca, which ensures “no worries for the rest of your days”…DISNEY WORLD. I have been unequivocally obsessed with everything created by my buddy Walt for as long as I can remember, and though some may assume the madness would dim as my childhood set sails, this was not the case, actually quite the opposite occurred. Since I have entered adulthood…sorry…I just puked in my mouth a little, I have taken advantage of the independence it supposedly instills to make my own choices on how I decide to spend my time. Funnily enough the place I want to be always happens to be DISNEY WORLD, so here I am again! I’m unsure if it has been diagnosed on anyone else, but I am certain the endorphin levels produced when visiting the Magic Kingdom generate a high, which creates very elevated levels of dependance in some especially spirited individuals, like myself. Seriously Disney withdrawal is one hell of a down… _MG_4119 _MG_4176 _MG_4087 _MG_4182 _MG_4127 _MG_4179 _MG_4115 _MG_4170 _MG_4111 _MG_4167 Struttin’ it, down Mainstreet U.S.A

Disney Minnie Mouse ears and Mickey Mouse watch, J Crew Necklace, Wildfox Tee, Hermes bangle, Jacquie Aiche Fuck and You rings, David Yurman Heart ring, Vinatge Levis Shorts, Jeremy Scott for Lonchamp pliage bag, and Givenchy Birkenstocks

H to the O-V

_MG_4050 Miami

We attended the Jay-Z concert in Miami last week and it was all kinds of incredible. I never really feel like I have the right to say that I am a huge rap/hip hop fan, as I feel like a huge motherfuckin’ poser when uttering the words, but after attending this show and singing along to every lyric I’ve had an existential epiphany.  I Claude-Alicia, am not a wankster, and am aware that I am not of the African American race, but will continue to wear fitted caps, snapbacks, and oversized tees, wave my palm up and down, stand on my seat, and sing along no matter how much whiter it makes me look. To summarize the rest of our evening in a sentence, we had a bit too much to drink pre-during-and post show, and well….I now have lyrics tattooed under my feet…you live and learn bra…live and learn. _MG_4028 _MG_4035   _MG_4037 _MG_4042 _MG_4049

No matter where you go, you are what you are player

Chopard pendant, Givenchy Tee, Christopher Kane Aqua clutch, Chanel high tops

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