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Love Day

_MG_4983 Bal Habour

Happy Valentines readers! Hope this love day brings you all you desire, from romance to revenge. _MG_4945 _MG_4950 _MG_4973 _MG_4984 _MG_4989 _MG_4949 _MG_4948 _MG_4993 _MG_4991 _MG_4955 _MG_4986 Pink Silk Blazer and Wife-Beater on V-Day

Ray Ban Clubmaster (similar),  Zara pearl necklace, Nasty Gal blazer,  Vince tank, Current/Elliott boyfriend jeans, rings from Nasty Gal, Editorial boutique and Revolve both in Montreal, Arm party starring, Rose Gold Nike fuel band (similar), David Yurman (similar), Tous (similar), Hermes, Cartier, Michael Kors (similar), Chanel pearl bracelet,J12 watch, and Boy Bag, and Giuseppe Zanotti flower sandals.

Under New Management

_MG_4812 Bal Harbour

After our lovely wedding scouting trip in Turks and Caicos last weekend, I decided to stay the week in Miami with my parental unit while my wonderful other half made his way back the mother land. Let me begin by stating that him and I simply do not spend time apart, so this my friends was a big motherfuckin’ deal. Not only that, but it meant that not only had I lost my a piece of my heart and my best buddy for the week, but also my photographer. I don’t know about all of yalls parents (watching too much real housewives of Atlanta apparently, pardon my twang) but mine, god bless them, can barely figure out light switches, so when I asked my mother to take over photog duty it wasn’t looking too good for Surprisingly enough, we got blessed with perfect lighting and the girl didn’t do a bad job!…but I think Peter will keep his, he’s got an in with the boss lady. _MG_4808 _MG_4792 _MG_4785 _MG_4796 _MG_4834 _MG_4811 _MG_4826 _MG_4807 Sticky from the beach

Ecua-Andino panama hat, Porsche Design aviators, Jacquie Aiche body chain and Love ring, Nasty Gal crop tankmaxi skirt, and ring, Cartier love and clou bracelets and watch, Links of london, nike,  and Hermes bracelets,  Animal ring, V knuckle ring and black beaded bracelet from Editorial Boutique in Montreal, and Chanel denim Boy Bag and leather espadrilles.

At Home With The Kids

_MG_4614 Ste-Adèle

Looks like there was an 80s theme all weekend long doesn’t it. Let me just start my confession by saying no, I do not always wear heels around the house, and even less so when playing Assassin’s Creed Black Flag at our country home, but they were on hand and happened to work, so why not. Besides So Kate is not exactly a comfortable pair so any chance I have to break in these babies I take. The only thing this outfit is missing  to be real candid, is an oversized pair of my father’s gym socks in them, a trick that seems to work to stretch out almost any pair of deadly Loubs. I also wanted to share a post at home to introduce to you all the two other loves of my life, Mickey and Eve. In case you are curious Mickey is the girly looking one while Eve is from Mexico….get it, she’s the Chihuahua! So clever I am. Just wanted to showcase a regular day comfy outfit, while not dying of hypothermia like I have been in my more recent posts, and lets face it…sitting in the shoes is much more enjoyable than standing in them…  _MG_4623 _MG_4634 _MG_4616 _MG_4626 _MG_4637 _MG_4630 _MG_4619 Song Choice is up for Interpretation

Alexander Wang beanie (similar), Anna Dello Russo for H&M necklace, Joy Rich Keith Haring knit, Diesel Jogg jeans, and Christian Louboutin So Kate pumps (similar).

Stuntin’ Like My Daddy

_MG_4565 Sainte-Adèle

We spent this past weekend at my country house, and let’s just say Narnia has got nothing on the Laurentians, let me tell you. The entire property was surrounded by snow banks so huge they could have sank the titanic…well if they were ice and not snow, but you get the picture. Being an extremist I kinda adore a completely polar setting over being in the slightly warmer city . It’s all or nothing, arctic or beach, that’s how I like it. Another great thing  about being at our country residence is all the treasures that can be found when rummaging through my parents closets. I mean, I don’t know when in the 80s my father wore this Mickey Mouse bomber but it’s making me wish I was born back when he was badass…and wore fucking Mickey Mouse bombers.  One World One Mickey…I mean come one, that shit was meant for me. Oh, and I haven’t even gotten to the good part, are you ready….it’s reversible. Your mind has now been blown. After we came back from buying a PS4 in town we took a little stroll around the property and I couldn’t help but putting it on. My father is not a slim jim but let me tell ya’, it fits like a glove…kinda makes me rethink my body confidence… _MG_4541 _MG_4578 _MG_4568 _MG_4574 _MG_4579 _MG_4566 _MG_4591 _MG_4549 _MG_4561 _MG_4544 Some Risky Business Posing

Tom Ford Campbell sunglasses, Vintage Mickey Mouse bomber, BCBG necklace, Equipment shirt, Helmut Lang sweater (similar), Elizabeth and James tuxedo pyjama pants (similar), Gucci Canada bag, and Ugg boots (similar).

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