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Spring on Sunset

_W7C3021 West Hollywood, California

Hello my little chickens! Last week during another useless, incessant lecture from one of my lovely professors, I had a stroke of genius. Ok, not so much genius as impulssion, but you get the picture…like a really really good idea! And today, thanks to my wandering mind and boring instructor, guess where we are heading…Coachella! Being that I have wanted to attend this miraculous event for the past 6 years, you can imagine the palapable excitement running through my veins right about now. Can palpable excitement run through veins? Is that a thing?…We have a 3 hour drive in direction of the desert, so I gotta get my overpacked suitcase packed again, but here is a little #OOTD from yesterday’s dinner outing. Really feeling florals for spring…I know, groundbreaking right! Really good stuff is coming ahead from this weekend so make sure to follow our Instagram account for a live feed of our adventures at the festival! Peace, love and Coachella y’all. _W7C3061 _W7C3050 _W7C3013 _W7C3038 _W7C3069 _W7C3093 _W7C3019 _W7C3027

_W7C3078 _W7C3058 _W7C3025 _W7C3044 Bricks on My Feet

Vintage Cartier sunglasses and bracelets, Chanel necklace and bag, Zara dress, and Christian Louboutin “Lady Daf” (pre-owned).

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