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Paris, Je T’aime

_w7c1759 Paris, France

The time has finally come, to conclude our european adventure on the blog and I’m kinda bummed about it. The past couple of weeks have been filled with not so great news, and reliving the amazing moments we had while away, felt like a nice escape and kept me hopeful for more of them to come ahead. I have to stop the sobbing and self pity, I’m starting to bum out the very readers I’m trying so hard to amuse with my butt jokes. Besides, we’re not quite as done with the Eurotrip as I’m leading on. To celebrate the third anniversary of ConscienceCoupable we have been working on something new and extra special that I cannot wait to share with you all… but until then let me tell you about the last stop of our European road trip.

Paris is where the best Pain au Chocolat lives. It is also where the fashion houses I am most devoted to came to inception, and where their creative teams remain today. What else can I tell you about Paris?…The food is something else, the garments and the artistry behind them are respected the way I feel they always should be, and my favourite lady lives there. Her name is Eiffel, and she sure is a sight for sore eyes. There is also the Louvre, that I’m saving for a future trip when I start caring appropriately about the kind of art that I cannot wear. It is home to my favourite vintage shopping (Didier Ludot), my favourite cheese cake (it’s at Hotel Costes, you GOTTA try it), and my favourite memories after this trip with my husband & parents. We had a pretty unbelievable time, and I’m sure if you have visited the city of lights you might share a similar experience….and if you haven’t all I can say is lucky you, because you have a lot to look forward to. Though it has nice to have been home the past week or so, my vagabond spirit has started to chime up, and we are off on the road again tomorrow. I can’t help it..there’s just so much to see!

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The Braidy Bunch…see what I did there….

Chanel sunnies and bag, Zara mini dress, and Alexander Wang sneakers.

Capri Sun

_w7c9991 Capri, Italy

My apologies for the slight delay in posting this week. You see while I am reporting on our adventures in Europe, we are actually in Florida dealing with a little hissy fit from mother nature, endearingly named Hurricane Matthew. After all our preparations, from cancelling the rest of our Disney World stay, and stocking up on food as if the zombie apocalypse was on its way, little Matty went right passed us barely saying hello. I’m not sure what I’m more annoyed by, the fact that we made a big fuss over what turned out to be a windy morning, or that I’m still glued to my TV watching wet weather people in their L.L. Bean jackets, repeating the same 8 facts for the past 12 hours…Anyways, super grateful  we survived, and certainly hope the rest of the coast is as lucky as we were! My thoughts are with those who weren’t as fortunate as we were, namely Haiti and Bahamas. Stay safe everybody.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. We spent 3 magical days on the island of Capri, eating, drinking, and taking in all the sun we could handle without turning into Anger from Inside Out. Highlights include, dinning under dozens of lemon trees at Da Paolino, exploring caves, swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, and getting a little chocolate wasted at La Fontelina, and of course spending romantic time with the hubby strolling the streets where Jackie O used to do the same in her Capri pants. I think that just about covers it. Now I must get back to eating all the contents of my refrigerator and pantry, as we are leaving in a few days and purchased enough sustenance to feed an angry heard of kindergarteners…I mostly bought chips, pop tarts, and lunchables. What can I say, if I’m gonna see my last day on earth, I want my final meal to be strawberry flavoured with sprinkles on top…. _w7c9973 _w7c0025 _w7c0057 _w7c9979 _w7c0050 _w7c0006 _w7c0034 _w7c0041 _w7c0075 _w7c0091 l1050133 _w7c0138 It’s more of a Capri Sun-set really…

Nasty Gal hoops, For Love and Lemons top and skirt, Chanel bag, and Alexander Wang sneakers.

Jungle Feva’

_W7C5266 Los Angeles, California

TGIF my little chickens! I hope your week has been kind to you, and that the weekend has even sweeter things in store! As you may have noticed from my Instagram feed, the husband and I have just returned from Disney World where we celebrated our second wedding anniversary and had a magical time. No, it doesn’t get old. We are now on the last leg of our little vaca in Miami and have been consumed by our computer screens, so imma keep this one short so mama can hit up the beach and do vacationy things. Who am I kidding, spending the entire remnants of our trip on YouTube watching Jenna Marbles videos sounds like FACKING HEAVEN. Back to bidness, this little #OOTD was shot in LA in the jungle looking gardens of the Chateau Marmont, as we were heading out to Giorgio Baldi for dinner. We thoroughly took advantage of every opportunity we had to stuff our faces while visiting Lalaland before Coachella, and I think it’s about time we trigger your travel cravings and share our favourite food spots, with you don’t you think?…Who knows, maybe in a week’s time we will present you with a new #CCeats food guide for LA. This is all speculation of course, but you know…who knows? _W7C5308 _W7C5260 _W7C5303 _W7C5274 _W7C5271 _W7C5298 _W7C5315 _W7C5284 _W7C5294 _W7C5324 Flower stripe child

Zara bomber and trousers, T by Alexander Wang shirt, Chanel bag, and Aquazzura “Wild Thing” pumps.


2015-11-24 at 15-02-14 Montreal, Canada

That feeling you get when you wake up and realize yesterday was your blog’s 2 year anniversary, but you were so hungover from the Christmas party you threw, that you completely forgot. Whoopsy! Happy belated birthday CC! Sorry I’m such a shitty mom/creator! Now that the housekeeping has been dealt with we can get back to your regularly scheduled programming and talk about the Michael Kors’ Spring/Summer preview I attended, and how lovely it was. Pastels, light denim, and linen, all were present, which made me wish the blooming season was upon us already. Looks like my wish was granted, as we have been having ridiculously pleasing weather in Montreal these past days! I’m talking 12ºC in December…we live in Canada people, it’s like the fucking Twilight Zone. I dig it, cancel Winter, let’s just keep doing this instead! Now let’s get back on topic. The event was wonderful, and though I now lust for Spring, at least I know I have double breasted linen suits to look forward to! Thank you all for keeping up with Klaude, and tuning in, to check out this little labour of love! We have reached so many little milestones this year, from 10 000 new besties on Instagram, to having my face plastered on Trust Fund Beauty displays, I couldn’t be happier to share our adventures with all of you, for a second magical year! I love you all my little chickens, thank you so so much for the love! 2015-11-24 at 15-01-06 2015-11-24 at 14-59-13 2015-11-24 at 14-58-09 2015-11-24 at 14-57-51 2015-11-24 at 14-58-44 2015-11-24 at 14-59-46 2015-11-24 at 14-59-34 2015-11-24 at 15-00-28 2015-11-24 at 14-56-59 2015-11-24 at 15-00-39 2015-11-24 at 14-57-43 2015-11-24 at 15-00-10 2015-11-24 at 15-03-03 2015-11-24 at 18-16-25 2015-11-24 at 18-23-28 2015-11-24 at 18-19-59 2015-11-24 at 18-21-09 2015-11-24 at 18-24-48 2015-11-24 at 18-19-14 2015-11-24 at 18-21-16 2015-11-24 at 18-24-22 2015-11-24 at 15-01-48 Wore the literal antithesis of a Michael Kors look to the MK preview…thought I was supposed to be good at this or something?

Chanel baseball cap and bag, Nasty Gal choker, David Yurman, Hermes and Cartier bracelets, Apple Watch, Fendi Karlito, and Alexander Wang sweater dress and platform boots.