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Tommy Girl

Miami, Florida

Happy 2017 everyone! Here’s a piece of advice for the new year, don’t wear a relatively tight sweater dress directly after eating season. Here I was trying to get all cozy, imagine my surprise when I finally realized the effects of my holiday binge eating habit had on my body. Oh well. I guess I’m going to have to invest in that Flat Tummy Tea business, that daughters of The Real Housewives cast and Instagram “celebrities” have been shoving down my throat for years. No matter. This time of year is about spending time with your loved ones, and enjoying those special family moments that don’t come around all that often. I don’t know about you, but for us, many of those moments occur around a table with food on it, so you can’t blame me for sacrificing my physique in the name of some quality family time. Also…who cares? I don’t want to go on some kind of long speil about how, it’s what inside that counts, that perfection doesn’t exist, and that photoshop and unrealistic beauty standards portrayed in the media are destroying the self esteem of an entire generation…but I guess I just did didn’t I?

I’m no life coach but, all I’m trying to convey is don’t spend your time sweating the small stuff, like numbers on a scale or the size tag in your jeans. I don’t know if anyone has ever told you this, but life is short, so instead of worrying about some calorie count, just make sure sure you live a happy and healthy life surrounded by people you love and you’ll be certain to make the most of it. Whoopsy…I ended up spieling didn’t I? Let’s spend 2017 being kind to one another alright kids, and we’re all going to be just fine.

There’s just something about that red white and navy blue
Dior sunglasses, Tommy Hilfiger sweater dress, Chanel bag, and Christian Louboutin pumps.

Edge of Seventeen

_w7c2070 Miami, Florida

See what I did there…with the title. So clever I know. On the last day of possibly the worst year the 2000s had ever seen, I look back fondly on the less shitty times the big sixteen had to offer. My parents got engaged and married after 35 years together, we traveled Europe as a family for the first time in years, we visited Disney theme parks so many times we’ve lost count, my beautiful goddaughter was born, we launched WERKS, collaborated with amazing brands and met designers I admire greatly, oh and we started our YouTube channel, so that’s pretty cool. On a personal level I guess this year wasn’t as bad as all the kids are saying these days. That Dan Scott from One Tree Hill meme is still going to make me laugh though. I wish you all a beautiful last day on 2016, and look forward to all the blessing 2017 has to offer. We made it through one literal hell of a year…so it can only get better from here right?

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Time to sing Auld Lang Syne

Chanel sunnies and backpack, Kenzo X H&M dress, Christian Louboutin sock boots.


I Wanna be a Cowboy Baby

_w7c0699 Austin, Texas

Happy Sunday funday my little chickens! Anyone else find that time is running away from us as 2017 approaches? This may be due to the fact that I’ve been all kinds of sick lately and therefore not leaving the house much, so my days are all kinda blending together. The lack of sleep and countless hours spent in the bacteria germ tubes often referred to as airplanes finally caught up to me I guess. In any case before I was all yucky and sick, I was traveling to Texas with my husband to rep for his company WERKS as sponsors for TejasTreffen in Houston. In case you were wondering WERKS is a lifestyle brand that revolves around vintage Porsches and racing, and is all kinds of awesome. Also a great place to buy man gifts for the holidays, but like actually though, it’s like Toys R Us for the entire gentleman race.

Before heading to Houston to work the WERKS booth, (see what I did there) we absolutely had to visit Austin as I had simply heard too many good things not to. It was all I hoped for and more. The BBQ, the vintage shopping, and the people, all contributed in giving us the Texan experience we’d always dreamt of having. Also I can go on record saying that South Congress is my favourite street I’ve ever had the pleasure of walking down on all of planet earth…come to think of it there are so many good streets in Austin! From watching Stand By Me on an outdoor big screen at Lucille’s on Rainey Street, to jamming to live music on Sixth, there were so many nighttime activities to choose from, beside my usual Netflix and just actually chilling. Austin, you’ve got all kinds of soul, and I dig you.

Before I sign off, I have to officially announce that there is a little something cool coming your way this week that  you best look out for. I’ve wanted to do this “thing” I’m referring to so illusively for a very long time, and am so thrilled to say it’s officially coming to fruition on ConscienceCoupable’s third birthday (which is December 13th, in case you didn’t mark it in your calendar for some strange reason). See you all on Tuesday with the big reveal!..a white triangle will mark the spot…

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That was A Kid Rock lyric in case you grew up under a ro…well isn’t that unfortunetely repetitive

Brixton hat, Tom Ford sunglasses, Sully shirt, and Chanel bag and boots.