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Tale as Old as Time

Walt Disney World, Florida

All the feels. That’s about the only way I could describe the live adaptation of my second favourite Disney movie of all time, Beauty and the Beast. The first is The Lion King in case you were wondering. To get back on topic, this reimagining of the film, if you live under a rock you haven’t seen it yet, is kind of everything. The minute the casting was announced I was sold, from Emma Watson as Belle to my good buddy Gandalf playing Cogsworth, the actors behind every person and object’s portrayal feel like they’ve been born for the part. Seriously though my Downton Abbey crush transformed into my #1 Disney Prince crush, without a glitch. The months leading up the film’s release were like torture. Not because I was agonizing waiting for it to come out. Though don’t get me wrong I was all kinds of excited…but everytime the trailer came on during a commercial break, a beautiful orchestral rendition of the original score from the animated film would come on, and I would become a stage five sob fest. Like, leaking from my eyes and nostrils sort of sobbing. I know right, sick imagery, you’re welcome.

When I finally got to see the film, I was blown away by the visuals, and pleased with how true they were to my beloved animated classic. Everyone was crying by the end…but being the overachiever I am, I made sure to be real punctual with my tears. Yet again what got me going were the first four seconds of the story when that haunting score came on as we floated towards the Beast’s castle. Full waterworks, I’m not kidding. I’m just surprised the people in the row in front of me didn’t tell me to keep it down.

All this to say I’ve loved Beauty and the Beast since I was a baby girl, and this film just gave me a reason to fall in love with it all over again at 25 years old. I also love that it created a reemergence in Disney fashion collaborations, and I now own this Gucci inspired, sherpa collared, Beast denim jacket from Mink Pink.  So here I am in full theme park mode, paying homage to my furry man crush, and my favourite stockholme syndrome victim. Enjoy!

Beauty & The Beast Jean Jacket Cartier Love Necklace, Chanel Purse, Conscience Coupable Gold Chanel Purse Beauty & The Beast OOTD Jacket Beauty & The Beast OOTD Disney #OOTD Chanel watch, purse Conscience Coupable #OOTD Seriously though…we all had a crush on Simba and/or the Beast am I right?
Mink Pink denim jacket and dress, Chanel bag, and Converse Chuck Taylors.

Main Mouse

2015-03-05 at 09-50-43 Walt Disney World, Florida

Hi gang, happy Tuesday! I am currently at our country home being harassed incessantly by my family so I think ill keep this one short. You see, they have decided to fight about everything today so I must join in on the fun. Joy. Anywhoo, these images were captured of me in the wild, in my preferred habitat…Disney World. The Damien Hirst piece pictured on my shirt, is one of my favourite art works (no shit sherlock, right) so I was delighted that he collaborated with Marc Jacobs, so I could own a little part of it and support a good cause. The real deal has gone for £902,500 in the past, so ya…not going to be hanging on my wall anytime soon. Hope you have a wonderful day and that your close ones don’t exasperate the shit out of you like they are doing me. 2015-03-05 at 09-50-23 2015-03-05 at 09-49-23 2015-03-05 at 09-51-33 2015-03-05 at 09-46-59 2015-03-05 at 09-50-33 2015-03-05 at 09-50-00 2015-03-05 at 09-47-24 2015-03-05 at 09-50-48 “Who’s the leader of the club that’s made for you and me?”

Dior Earrings, Marc Jacobs x Damien Hirst tee, Hermes and Cartier bracelets and watch, Nasty Gal rings (similar), T by Alexander Wang shorts, Chanel bag, and Missoni x Converse sneakers.