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Ireland #TBT

_W7C6329 Ireland

Happy Saint-Patrick’s day everyone! May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light, may good luck pursue you each morning and night…and beer, I wish you great beer. Today, being one of my favourite holidays, I thought what better way to celebrate then to share our adventures in the Emerald Isle itself. Last summer we had the great pleasure, of visiting Ireland to celebrate my 24th birthday, and it may have been one of our greatest trips yet. Our mothers in tow, we spent a week driving all around the island of Ireland from south to north, and saw sights (and pubs), experienced the culture (and pubs), and made memories that have a good chance of lasting a lifetime (except the ones we made in pubs). The luck of the Irish followed us from Dublin, to Belfast, and we truly had a magical time…and many pints of Guinness as well. Along the way we snapped a couple #OOTDs that remained unpublished until now. I thought what better time then to share them with you now, as well as a few pictures from our road trip to remember. Also on this special holiday I thought I’d leave you with a few words of wisdom… You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning… _W7C5378 _W7C5399 _W7C5381 _W7C5491 _W7C5549 _W7C5512 _W7C5626 _W7C5643 _W7C5646 _W7C5719 _W7C5704 _W7C5837 _W7C6117 _W7C5990 _W7C6161 IMG_8308 _W7C6285 _W7C6270 _W7C6325 _W7C6278 IMG_8317 IMG_8286 _W7C6344 _W7C6369 _W7C6391 _W7C6396 _W7C6418 12304332_10153701812930450_763209895028578394_o IMG_8364 12307587_10153701813725450_5488783441244037941_o 12339085_10153701813135450_1902410547975918873_o IMG_8497 IMG_8508 _W7C6637 12339345_10153701814425450_7475745730929294825_o IMG_8554 _W7C6685 12322632_10153701815420450_689179082859015852_o 12291857_10153702835285450_7404177763287724744_o IMG_8578 They’re in order…you’ll figure it out…

Dublin day 1- Ray Ban Clubmasters, Zara jacket and skirt, Isabel Marant for H&M shirt, Louis-Vuitton “Petite Malle” bag, and Chloé “Suzanna” boots. Dublin day 2- Cutler & Gross sunglasses, Zara dress, Chanel “Boy Bag”, and Chloé “Suzanna” boots. Owls & Blarney- Zara shirt dress, and jacket, Current/Elliott jeans, and Acne “Pistol” boots. Dingle Peninsula- Unif hat, Hermes scarf, Zara shirt and jeans, Louis-Vuitton backpack, and Hunter rain boots. Killarney/Galway- Zara hat and dress, vintage necklace, Balmain “Pierre” bag, and Acne “Pistol” boots. Giants Causeway- Kris Van Assche sunglasses, Zara shirt dress, Current/Elliott jeans, Balmain “Pierre” bag, and Acne “Pistol” boots. Belfast- Cloak of Winterfell. lol

Perfect Pair

2015-08-16 at 13-33-06 Montreal, Canada

UV protectors, eye-gouging preventers,  hangover concealers, and general coolness creators…my baby blues’ shields certainly have a lot on their resumés. Eyewear is one incredibly utilitarian piece of every #OOTD in both the practical and aesthetic sense. Basically these bad boys should make their way onto your face every time you put yourself together, unless it’s dark out of course…we all know that guy…don’t be that guy.

Due to my sunnies enthusiast status, I was beyond thrilled when VU SUNGLASS proposed a collaboration so I could have my way with their new home try on experience.  In case you’re not in the loop, VU has been a Montreal eyewear staple boutique since 1985, and they recently launched their online store VU SUNGLASS, so you can experience the largest selection of fashion-forward frames in North America without ever having to leave the comfort of your keyboard. Oh, and did I mention every single pair on the site, from Balenciaga to Cutler and Gross, is trend relevant and effortlessly cool, because they all really are.

This is why the picking and choosing part was a little tougher then tough. Decisions will be the death of me….no really, so I was thrilled when I learned I could take 3 home with me to meet the family, and then keep the ones I loved most to add to my little collection. As part of their new home try on experience, you have 30 days to make your choice, to avoid the stress that comes with decision-making…but if you, like me, simply don’t care to make decisions at all, VU is offering a 30 % discount on your second pair and 50 % on the third pair.

Pictured are the three culprits that made their way into my home, and then into my heart. As I said, decisions are not my strong suit, so I may have adopted more then one. Can you guess which? 2015-08-16 at 13-06-38 2015-08-16 at 13-37-19 2015-08-16 at 13-03-14 2015-08-16 at 13-42-10 2015-08-16 at 13-04-42 2015-08-16 at 13-35-15 2015-08-16 at 13-01-37 2015-08-16 at 13-47-20
2015-08-16 at 13-07-09 2015-08-16 at 13-37-24 Bet you can’t eat…I mean keep just one

Sunday Somewhere brown Matahari frames (similar), Cutler and Gross gold metal frames (similar), and Kris Van Assche blue lens aviator frames (similar).

To experience home try on head to VUSUNGLASS.COM