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Twas The Night Before Xmas

2015-11-27 at 17-12-05 Miami, Florida

 Merry Christmas Eve my little chickens! I have awoken to a lovely spring weathered day in my husband’s hometown of Kingston this morning, so it ain’t looking much like Christmas, but my bloated ham/turkey belly, is confirming that baby Jesus’ B-day is in fact right around the corner. It may only be the 24th but we have already survived 3 holiday parties and their festive feasts, so me and stuffing are a little too well acquainted by now. Three down one to go! We will be flying off the Miami in the wee hours tomorrow morning to have ourselves a merry little Christmas with my parentals, and I couldn’t be more excited. If i’m not gonna be getting any festive snow here, festive sand will definitely more then make up or it! These photos were shot during our last visit to the sunshine state, where I proudly wore my new Joolz nameplate necklace as the newest addition to their Joolistas club! From Starbucks barista, to new acquaintances, telling any non-francophone my name has always been a daunting task, so this new shiny tool will come in handy for more then simple accessorizing! Now tis time I bid you adieu. Wishing you all health, happiness, and wonderfilled memories on this festive occasion, now I must prepare my stomach for the incoming turkey coming my way…laters bikini bod, was nice knowin’ ya!

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Cartier aviators and bracelets, Joolz Bar à Bijoux nameplate necklace and earmuff, Balmain x H&M blazer and cuff, Chanel Boy.Friend watch, Theory tank, vintage Levis jeans, Celine bag, and Manolo Blank Chaos sandals.

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